Monday, September 29, 2008

Let us awaken the Daya in our Hyrudaya

India is a land of huge diversity. We have diversity in languages, religion, cuisine, climate, culture, cattle etc. India is recognized as one of the biodiversity rich zones in the world. With the advent of modern way of living we are gradually losing this diversity.

India is home to 32 indigenous Cow breeds out of which some are already nearing extinction. This has happened because of our callous attitude and our ignorance of their value. Every part of India has its own distinct breed like for e.g. Tharparkar from Rajasthan, Gir,Kankrej and Kathiawadi from Gujarat, Dangi from Maharashtra, Ongole from Andhra, Sahiwal from U.P, Hallikaru,Krishna Valley and Javari from Karnataka,Umblachery and Kangayam from Tamilnadu etc.

Cows are a source of strength, immunity and spirituality to humans, fertility to the soil and energy to the farmer. They also help in rural transport and provide fuel in the form of gobar gas. In this article we shall look at the contribution of cows to human health and strength.

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