Monday, July 21, 2008

Chikungunya and Ayurveda

Chikungunya is spreading like wildfire all over the southern states of India. The coastal districts of Karnataka are severely affected with this disease. The main complaints of the affected are severe pains in the small and big joints in the body. The most common sites of swelling and pain in this disease are the wrist joint and the ankle joint.

People are running from pillar to post for a remedy to the disease. Ayurvedic system of medicine is ideally suited for treating this disease. Based on my clinical experience this disease matches the classical Vataraktha disease explained in the classical text of Madhava Nidana.

The major plants useful in treating this disease are Amrutha and Kokilaksha. A combination of these two plants is available in the market with the brand name Kokilakshadi Kwath and the dose if 15ml twice a day to be taken on empty stomach.

Diet I advice to my patients:
Avoid or reduce sour,spicy and excess salt in your food.
Avoid alcohol and completely stay vegetarian till you get free of the disease.

Other medicines useful are:
Kaishora guggulu and Amrithadi guggulu.Dose is t pills thrice a day fro adults.

For applying over the affected area use Pinda tailam and Balaguluchyadi Tailam.

For more details the readers should contact an experienced Ayurvedic physician in their neighbourhood.


Keshava Ram said...

Good beginning to your blogging venture. I am sure your effort will help your patients and others in general. Please keep writing.
Can Kokilakshadi Kwath be used for preventing the disease too?

agasthyaayurveda said...

Regarding prevention I am not sure. Bcz I have not tried that.Since the medicine is free from any side effect no harm in taking it for prevention.